What's New?

V   [Release Date: 29 Jan 2009]

  • Improved handling of "exotic" shell items.
  • File Explorer now ignores erroneous shell items.
  • Added EnableAutoRefresh property
  • Added support for link overlay indication in icons.
  • Removed EnableExtensionHashing property.

V   [Release Date: 19 May 2006]

  • .NET framework 2.0 version available.
  • Fix: Added unicode support in filenames. 
  • Minor P/Invoke problems fixed.

V   [Release Date: 13 Aug 2005]

  • Fix: when an unreadable drive was selected DriveExplorer, exception was thrown on some cases.
  • Fix: Exception was thrown when unfocusing DriveExplorer when in edit mode.
  • Fix: DriveExplorer would not load on some Windows 2000 systems.
  • Fix: "Program Files" folder always appeared as the first folder in FileExplorer, when sorted by name.

V   [Release Date: 10 Jun 2005]

  • AsyncPopulation property and IndicatePopulatingMode property were removed from FileExplorer and DriveExplorer.
  • LockPopulate() and UnLockPopulate() methods were added to FileExplorer.
  • ItemRenamed event was added to FileExplorer.
  • Added IsFolder(bool IncArchives) method instance to ExplorerItem class which can treat also archive files as folders.
  • Fix: When using BackDir() method to return to the "My Computer" folder, the previous folder was not automatically selected.
  • Fix: Archive files were sorted as folders (before all other files).
  • Fix: Archive files were not mask filtered when using the FileExplorer.Filter.NonFolderMaskFilter property.
  • .ICO files' icons were not shown correctly in FileExplorer. The icon of the first file was used for all the other files.

V 1.0.3 [Release Date: 1 Nov 2004]

  • Name changed from Dosoft's Explorer Contols to Magic Explorer Controls. Dll and Namespace were also changed.
  • Added AsyncPopulation property to FileExplorer and DriveExplorer: controls now read files and folders data in a background thread. This means, for example, that the application is not hanged while reading a folder with large amount of files.
  • Added IndicatePopulatingMode property to FileExplorer and DriveExplorer .
  • Added PathID property to FileExplorer and DriveExplorer which can be used by the developer to save/restore last visited path in the application for example.
  • Added LocateFile ( ) method to FileExplorer, which locates a specific file in the FileExplorer view.
  • Pressing a key while DriveExplorer drop down portion is down, now closes the dropped portion and adds the key to text box.
  • Added InvokeShellCommand ( ) methods to FileExplorer, which enables to invoke shell commands like "properties" or "print" on files or explorer items.
  • When pressing Alt-Enter on an item in FileExplorer, it's property sheets are displayed.
  • Controls now do not seek floppy drives upon start.
  • Added FolderChanged event for DriveExplorer.
  • Added PopulateInDesignMode property to FileExplorer and DriveExplorer which enables to leave controls unpopulated in VS.NET Design Mode.
  • Exposed the properties ListViewItems, ListViewSelectedItems in FileExplorer.
  • Files are now activated using "open" shell command and not executed directly. This means that also virtual items can be activated (like items inside Control Panel).
  • Mutiple selected items are opened together when "Enter" is pressed.
  • Fixed some sync problems between File & Drive Explorer.
  • Some fixes concerning handling of network paths.
  • Fixed dragging of folders. Now in shell's FileDrop format.
  • Registration message might have appeared also in design mode.
  • "Folder Up" icon was not transparent in details mode.
  • Fixed problems when browing to archive files in details mode.
  • Fixed deleting files inside archives.
  • Controls throw an uncatchable exception when setting Path to invalid path before HandleCreated event occurred.
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